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A Great Awokening

They gathered. Some by the tens, others by the tens of thousands. Almost overnight it seemed, all across the world, they gathered. Of every class and race they gathered in unity; tied together by one man and His tragic and untimely death at the hands of a brutal and systematically cruel regime. Across Rome, they would raise up their hands and shout to the heavens, His name upon their lips: Jesus Christ is Risen.

America has always been a devout nation. While there have been periods and times when spiritual concerns take a backseat to the more mundane affairs of the world, religious fervor always returns, in new and radically changed expressions. Methodists, Seventh Day Adventists, and Mormons all owe their existence to the continual process of rebirth Christianity experiences in America.

It is these sudden and new blossomings of zeal which have acted as the catalysts for the some of the greatest social upheavals in American society. It was Christian devotion which freed slaves from bondage. It was Christian zeal which gave the United States Prohibition. And it was Christian fury which brought about the mass protests and riots of 2020.

Just as the fiery preachers of the Great Awakenings in the United States repudiated the traditional religious structures of their day, forming new denominations while maintaining and emphasizing the moral core of Christianity, the Woke repudiate traditional religion, seeing it as a tool of oppression, yet still hold fast to the fundamental moral truths espoused by Christianity.

To be Woke, no matter how hard one denies it, is to be thoroughly Christian. The sanctity of the individual, the equality of all humans, the repudiation of the strong and powerful, and the uplifting of the weak, the radical tests of purity, the demand to censor impious thought, the need to constantly examine one’s life for sin (privilege, microaggressions), all these are the inheritances of Christianity.

More fundamentally, the Woke cosmological view, that the inherent goodness of individuals is based on their personal beliefs, and that to be Woke is to struggle constantly against the forces of sin and evil, is deeply rooted in the soil of Christianity. To be Not Woke is to not simply disagree, it is to be damned. Or worse, an agent of the Devil itself, white patriarchy.

It was not merely political beliefs which caused the eruption of mass protests across the country after the death of George Floyd. Nor was it purely political beliefs which led to the establishment of an Autonomous Zone in Seattle and their attempted formation in other major cities. Political beliefs are too cold, too intellectual to spur such action. These actions are driven by something deeper in the spirit, more fundamental to identity.

It is why the symbols and paraphernalia of our society have become objects of such focus for the Woke. A statue of a Confederate is not simply some historical monument, but in many ways a quasi-object of worship. A statue standing not as a memorial, but as an idol of a false and evil god. The gods of racism and bigotry. It’s very existence is a pollution upon the world and must be cleansed.

It is why in their place stylized portraits and shrines of George Floyd have sprung up across the globe. Why those in Europe who would never have known or understood the peculiarities of America’s battle with racism march in mourning and outrage at his death and offer flowers and supplications. It is why George Floyd has transcended his troubled past and become an unwitting martyr. He is the first of what will be a long line of new saints for this new faith.

To argue against the Woke by speaking of issues and using facts and rhetoric will never truly work. There is no issue by issue thinking. To be Woke is to accept the fullness of Doctrine into one’s soul. There is no half-way conversion.

The Woke will instead by done in by themselves. It is temptation which in time douse the fires of zealotry. The stricter the faith, the harder the believers find it to hang on. When every phrase and sentence of one’s life can be used to scrutinize and pass judgement, it is inevitable the fair weather friends will find themselves fallen upon their own sword. And rather than submit, they will simply leave. The fire burns now, but the rain quickly cometh.

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Duke of Thought

Duke of Thought

My substack: dukeofthought.substack.com. There, I post all my articles in a shareable form, before they hit Medium. Help build a community.

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